Benedict Lewis

Developer, Entrepreneur & Startup Junkie

Wannabe entrepreneur. Typical web buff. Alcohol nerd. Problem solver. Troublemaker. Subtly charming social media guru.

My name is Benedict Lewis, I'm a backend web developer, currently working in Jersey, having previously worked freelance for numerous clients all over the world. I'm also a terrible chef. Takeaway, anyone?

I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into beautiful, simple and well written code. I love perfect logic and structure, and constantly strive to write elegant and efficient code.

When I'm not writing code, you'll probably find me out rock climbing, surfing or drift triking. I communicate in a mixture of XKCD comics, CommitStrip links and @IAmDevloper tweets.

“The finite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a keyboard will almost surely configure sendmail better than you.” @sadserver

Benedict Lewis

  • Location: Jersey, Channel Isles
  • Email:
  • Phone: +447829 720018