Benedict Lewis

Developer, Entrepreneur & Startup Junkie

Bus Track

As my entry to the 2014 Jersey hackathon, I built an iPhone app to locate, track and display the position of Jersey buses on a map, in real time.

The application is written using Cordova, Ionic Framework and AngularJS to give the experience of a native app in terms of speed, usability and UI design.

Data is provided by a GPS unit on each bus, which reports to a central server every thirty seconds. This data is then pulled in, cleaned and stored by, which is then provided as a HTTP endpoint then used by the application.

Bus Track is provided open source in its current state, however be warned that it has not been updated since the hackathon, and as such is riddled with hackathon style coding.

  • Role: Development
  • Client: N/A
  • Event: HackJSY 2014
  • Year: 2014