Benedict Lewis

Developer, Entrepreneur & Startup Junkie


As a prolific redditor, I request hundreds of images on a daily basis from Imgur. Unfortunately, imgur and are (or at least, where) blocked within China.

During the two years that I spent there, I found the inability to access Imgur to be a massive source of annoyance. So I built Proxgur.

Proxgur is an incredibly simple proxy for Imgur, which uses exactly the same URI scheme. For example, works perfectly on (not the actual domain). This allowed me to then redirect all requests to Imgur to Proxgur via a /etc/hosts edit, and from there I could continue to browse Reddit as usual.

The site became incredibly popular within China, amassing an average of 8500 active connections at any one time. Because of the traffic generated to the Imgur servers from this (even with heavy caching), I was polity asked to take the site offine, which I did.

  • Role: Development
  • Client: Reddit Community
  • Year: 2014